Wholesale Lashes Suppliers In China

We are wholesale lashes suppliers in China. We manufacture strip eyelashes, eyelash boxes, and eyelash equipment and accessories. Our factory, which was formed in 2010, is a company that professionally manufactures false eyelashes. It has a complete system of production, including sourcing materials, producing, inspecting, packaging, and exporting. The great management team and work team, all of our talented and experienced employees, and stern quality control procedures. Also, we create keen market awareness for fashioned items to ensure that the products match worldwide standards.

As a leading wholesale lashes suppliers, we make your eyelashes meticulously with the best materials available. Delivering outstanding products that adhere to the highest standards is important to us. However, each set of lashes is painstakingly created to accentuate the inherent beauty of the eyes, giving the wearer an opulent and alluring appearance. We, wholesale lashes suppliers in China, provide a large selection of lashes to fit any preference. No matter whether your consumers desire a natural, glamorous, or dramatic look.

Leading Wholesale Lashes Suppliers

As a leading wholesale lashes suppliers, we think all businesses should have access to high-quality lashes. However, we provide competitive prices as one of the top wholesale lashes suppliers in China, allowing you to increase your profit margins. By collaborating with us, you can provide your clients with premium lashes at cost-effective costs, earning their loyalty.

However, we are aware that every firm has specific needs. Therefore, we provide customization choices to meet your unique needs. Our team is available to help you whether you require custom packaging, branding, or distinctive lash styles. Thus, we as leading wholesale nail art supplies are committed to assisting you in developing a brand that is distinctive in the marketplace.


  • Do you provide samples before a wholesale order?

    Yes, we are aware of how critical it is to assess the styles and quality before making a large purchase.

  • Is it possible to add my company’s logo to the packaging?

    To produce packaging that accurately represents your brand identity and draws customers in, our team will work directly with you.

  • How long does it typically take to deliver bulk orders?

    The amount of the order and your location may affect the delivery time for wholesale purchases.

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