Tips to Buy Fake Lashes For Beginners

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It can be scary to wear fake eyelashes. False eyelashes are a whole new world of makeup, whether it’s your first time wearing them or buying them. Before you go out and buy your first pair of fake eyelashes, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Instead of a whole lashline, try buying demi lashes or single, wispy lashes.

It is hard to find eyelashes that fit perfectly. Instead of cutting your false eyelashes to fit the size of your lid, just buy sets that are shorter.

Demi Lashes:

For a winged-out look, you can get “demi” sets that you can put on the outside corner of your eyelashes.

You can also buy singles from wholesale lashes suppliers, which is great for people with long but sparse eyelashes. These are groups of three or four lash hairs that can be put wherever you need to fill in gaps between your natural lashes.

Start With Lighter And Simpler Ones:

When it comes to false lashes, you shouldn’t think “go big or go home.” Heavy false eyelashes can not only make first-time wearers look funny, but they can also make your eyes feel heavy and uncomfortable. Also, if you want to put on a lot of eye makeup, thick false lashes can cover up the shadows and make all your work pointless.

Our advice is to get wispy lashes, which have spaces between each group of lashes and let you see the shadows. They are also not as simple as natural lashes, so you still get a fluttery, slightly more fun look than usual. This makes the extra work worth it.

Instead of a Black Lash Band, Look for One that is Clear:

Even though there are good false eyelashes with black bands on the market, it’s usually easier to work with clear bands. These tend to be a little more expensive, but they are much easier to use because the band is usually more flexible.

Instead of Clear Eyelash Glue, Buy Black:

Transparent lash glue can have a white-ish sheen to it, which can look unnatural and leave a blank space between the lash and the skin. When you use black eyelash glue, the false eyelashes blend in better with your natural eyelashes.

Good Lashes for Beginners can be Found in High-End Brands:

Even the worst false eyelashes can be made to look good by a professional makeup artist or beauty expert who knows how to apply them or trim them. However, beginners should stick to false eyelashes that don’t need as much special care. So, eyelashes are one of the few parts of makeup where a beginner needs to spend more. The following brands make great sets of lashes for first-timers that are easy to use and comfortable.


Ardell is a well-known brand all over the world for their eyelashes. Their demi wispies are a favorite of beauty gurus and are much cheaper than other high-end brands. For 500 to 800 rupees, you can get a good pair.


MAC makes great fake lashes that look natural, especially if you want lashes with a clear band. The brand’s Art Library collection also has some unique, edgy-looking lash styles that are great for people who don’t like most lash shapes.

Huda Beauty:

The lashes from Huda Beauty are great for a movie-star look. These are your classic, everyday lashes. They are usually heavy, thick, and dramatic. These fake eyelashes are not about minimalism, and they give you a glamorous look.

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